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The Help

The Help - Kathryn Stockett Here I announce that I am gonna be obssesed with that book from now on, beware my friends :(

The book/ novel talks about civil rights back in 1960 in USA, where coloured people were treated like 10th grade citizens or even worse.
I need to tell about the story for those who wants to be guided about the book, but I am not sure I can, it's hard to tell a few words about ages of discrimination and slavery.

The novel is told by three prespictives;

Aibileen, Minney "Both coloured women" , and Ms. Skeeter the different white lady , who decided to write down the story of the "help"; The black maids of Missisipi, working their lifes , or giving it away for women, who think so much low of them , and taking them for granded.
Miss Sketter , the only single lady among her friends, the one who gets alot of different treating herself being *Single*,, Miss Skeeter is the white lady with just the basics of a personality that got developed after getting to know the tender not shalllow maids of her town.

And Aibilieeen , Oh,,,,,,

No one can tell the story like Aibileen , the old colorued lady, who had raised 17 white kids, from giving their first bottle of milk , right down to teach them about love, dignety, forgivness and celebrating their beautifull inside.

Any finally
:)) Minney , A very rich -inside- person, the most Funny, amazing, powefull, weak, diffrent, unexpectable charachter ever.

with a secret awfull story that will save the day :)

And Hilly , the enemy.
The exact example of how to ruin everybody's life on purpose , and CARMA gets nobody's life ruined but you.
Hilly, who can only feel important when she controls the town, the people and their believes.

the story cared more about emotions and feelings of both sides and it felt so real I had to dig deap into the author's life to find out if those women had lived in USA one day or not.

I reccomend this book, if you want a life to get attached to.

And a word of wise for those who just saw the movie, it's nothing compared to the novel, the charachters here are very rich and alive that makes the movie sounds flat.