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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Vivien Jones Simply amazing, very touching, and deep.
A lot of thoughts are actually going on my mind now, which charachters I have fallen in love with, and which ones have I resented.
Lizzy, the most unforgetable lady I have ever met in a novel, very powerfull and self confident, yet so tender and sweet.
Mr. Darcy, the most confusing person I have met throught this novel, not because him being proud, but because I have always thought good of him all throught the novel, and I didn't believe him to be by any how undecent man.
All charachters were actually very richly described, and I felt them alive.
Ms. Austen had droven me into a very wild life full of emotions, thoughts, and kind and awful intentions.
Very touching how love can turn your life and believes upside down.
I just loved it, and even the charachters, from whom I got very frustrated like Mrs. Bennet, Lydia, and Ms. Bingley, they all the time was droven by the circumstances around them, which they couldn't help but getting along with it, in that hateful way, I mean did Mrs. Bennet had anything else to do but pushing their daughters into marriage ?
They would have been thrown out of their land and house, who was entailed to Mr. Collins after Mr. Bennet.
And Lydia, being that young and growing up under her mother letting het flirt with officers, so she might get a husband..... How did this might lead her to think only of getting married in any possible way...........?
Very confusing......
So.... Don't think of it as only chick lit, It's simply not