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What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty Chick lit isn't supposed to be so realistic, ,,, WOW.

that was the first impression, review to come soon :)

Update ;

One of my all time favorites, ,, is an old movie called "Peggy Sue got married" , it tells the story of Peggy Sue, a divorced woman who married her boyfriend during high school after she got knocked up in the night of their prom.
twenty years later while attending a high school reunion, she suddenly faints to wake up minutes later and found her self back again to high school , young and free :)
The whole plot was all about; " If you had the chance to redo ur life, will you change anything? or the circumstances or may be just fate would lead you to the same results "?

now enough about the movie, it's just a similar plot in here, ,,,

"Alice" a twenty nine years old, pregnant, happily married woman, faints suddenly and wake up to be told by others, that she is almost forty years old, almost divorced, and a mother of three children :O
and so ,,, she moves along with no memory whatsoever about the last ten years of her life, all her life's advantages became disadvantages.

- Loving husband ×
- Caring sister ×
- At all recognized children ×

The story actually get narrated as a mystery, the writer made me feel exactly in Alice's shoes, when I discover something new about her newself, me and her get to know it at the same time :)
Clues, clues, clues, ,, and then she explains and put you in the big picture , it was annoying at first but finally I though it was a smart technique by the author :)

The story tells a lot of FACTS about married life,having kids, ,, a bless? or just over rated ?

and about Alice, will she regain her memory back? will she redem her love and happiness? or will she just adore her new and improved life?
It's complicated :)
so, you have to read the book to figure that out :)

I don't do spoilers ☺